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Spa Day

Spa day at Beayurvedic: Pamper your self or your loved ones!

Nourishing Mukhabhyanga: - 45 minutes Price: $60
Specifically designed to maintain the skin tone and
nourish the cells and countering the signs of ageing by
alleviating the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Marma therapy of Face helps to improve circulation. 
Followed by shoulder, Neck and foot massage to
relax and release all the tension, fatigue and stress.

Deep Cleansing Mukhabhyanga:- 
 Duration: 60 minutes. Price: $90

Our gentle herbal exfoliation deep cleans, and refines the skin, while our Marma-point therapy with herbal and essential oils will improve circulation and restore radiance to the skin. Steam is with poultice with Ayurvedic herbs dipped in warm milk
It cleanses and detoxifies the skin and improves the circulation and restores the radiance of facial skin. Herbal pack helps to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin.
Highly recommended for all skin types.

Refreshing Mukhabhyanga: - Duration: 60 minutes. Price: $90
Mukhabhyanga using milk, herbs, fruits leave the skin looking radiant and refreshing. Relaxing all the facial muscles and restores youthful glowing complexion.

Mukhabhyanga+ Shirodhara $170 (regular$190)
Mukhabhyanga + Abhyanga + Swedana $ 180  (regular $ 205)
Mukhabhyanga + Abhyanga + Swedana+ Shirodhara $ 265 (regular 305)

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My Grandma’s is 95, radiant skin always a smile on her face
Tips for beauty & Health from my Grandma!

Skin Care-
Use natural moisturizers – milk cream, natural oils
Use less soap and apply gram flour+ turmeric+ milk paste while bathing

Hair Care
Massage you head twice a week with herbal hair oil
Don’t wash your hair often and do not go out with wet hair
Allow your hair to dry naturally

Dental care
Brush your teeth daily twice with pastes that have bitter and astringent taste. (Licorice root, neem, lodhra, bilva etc.,)
To keep the oral hygiene gargle with sesame oil, water+ pinch of turmeric and pinch of salt
Massage your gums regularly with sesame oil, do not swallow the oil spit it out. It is the best preventive measure for receding gums, and tooth cavities.
Eating 3-4 figs once a day and chewing them well strengthens the teeth.
Most importantly, chew food well. This will help in good digestion and also stimulates the gums.

Eye care
Soak two cotton swabs in cold milk, squeeze them and place them on your eyes
It feels refreshing and reduces burning and dryness in the eyes

Don’t forget to thank god for everything!









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