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Ghee (Organic) 16 oz $ 17
Ghee is an excellent media for cooking. It can be used
to sauté, bake, cook, fry, and also as bread spread.
Ghee is an antiseptic and best preservative.
Ayurveda recommends to use ghee for all dosha types.

100times washed Ghee (Organic) 2 oz $ 18
Shata Dhaut Ghrut - This is prepared from cow’s ghee by washing it 100 times using specific method used for external application only. This makes the ghee soft, cooling, nourishing skin cream, which is completely natural and chemical free. It is used as traditional Ayurvedic skin cream. Helps in burns, piles, eczema, rough and dry skin

100 times washed ghee with saffron (Organic) 2oz $ 30
Shata Dhaut Ghrut infused with saffron enhances the quality , texture and glow of skin.

Herbal Ghee Organic (Shatavaryadi, Guduchyadi, Bramhi, Tikta) 16 oz $ 50
Herbal ghee is helpful for many chronic disorders. It can be taken internally and applied externally for many skin conditions.

Abhyanga Oil (Organic) 8 oz $ 22
Abhyanga oil is herbal massage oil with herbs that strengthen the muscle tissue and bone tissue and leaves the skin soft and smooth.

Coconut Herbal Hair oil (Organic) 8 oz $ 22
Improves the texture of hair, promotes hair growth and nourishes scalp

Udvartan powder (Organic) 150 gms $ 18
Good for exfoliating skin, best if used in spring and summer. Helps in blemishes, hypo pigmentation, reduces acne formation.

Hair food (Organic) 150 gms $ 18
Nourishes and promotes healthy hair

Vata Kapha tea (Organic) 10gms $12
Start your day with Vata- Kapha tea, it keeps your respiratory tract healthy and protects you from cough and cold.

Pitta Tea (Organic) 100gm $12
Cooling herbs with rose petals refreshes the mind and keeps you in balance

Calming tea (Organic) 100 gms $12
Enjoy a cup of calming tea after work hours to unwind and calm your system.

Upama serves 2 - $ 5
Roasted cream of wheat + spices Warm and soothing breakfast

Khichadi – Serves 2  $ 4
Ayurvedic complete meal!
Rice + Mung beans+ spice mix
Easy to cook, ready to eat, no preservatives

Spice Mix 100gms $ 12
Use this spice mix for Khichadi, oatmeal or any vegetable you cook!

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