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1) Is Ayurveda covered under insurance?
Ayurvedic services are not covered under insurance.

2) I am taking my prescribed pharmaceutical medication, is it okay for me to take Ayurvedic herbs and follow Ayurvedic regimen?
Vaidya Beena Vesikar takes into consideration that aspect during your initial visit and suggests the best herbs for your imbalances, and that can be taken with your prescribed Medication. Ayurvedic Herbs are not replacement to your medication.  Ayurveda is a natural science that believes in prevention. Most of our imbalances are due to the way we eat, breath and have our lifestyle.

3) What are the health conditions in which Ayurveda is beneficial ?
Ayurveda focuses on prevention
“ Swasthasya Swasthya Rakshanam Aturasya vaydhi Parimoksha”
Maintaining health of a healthy person and curing the diseased is the fundamental principle of Ayurveda. Any thing that causes discomfort or disease is described in detail with dietary regimen, lifestyle regimen, signs and symptoms, causative factors, herbal compounding, detoxification therapies and preventing measures. Pinpointing few disorders is limiting Ayurveda to those diseases.

4) How long can I expect to see the changes?
It differs from person to person, disease condition, how religiously one follows the food guidelines, and incorporates positive changes in lifestyle.

5) How can Ayurveda help the senior citizens?
Ayurvedic Therapies play an important role in nourishing and relaxation. As we age we enter the Vata phase of our life. Oil therapy takes good care of Vata imbalances. Oil Massages, warm steam, Shirodhara, Oil pools all help in reducing muscle aches and stiffness and nourishes the muscle, bone and nervous tissue.
Dietary and lifestyle recommendation help in reducing bloating, constipation and good night sleep.

6) Do I have to follow vegetarian diet?
Ayurveda is not against non-vegetarian diet. It emphasizes on eating meat as per ones body constitution and takes into consideration the status of metabolic fire in each individual.

7) Do I have to do Yoga when following Ayurvedic lifestyle?
Yoga is one of the six philosophies that Ayurveda incorporates. Yoga is one of the most extraordinary spiritual science, and not limited to Yogic postures.
It includes Ethical disciplines, Pranayam, Prayers and complex meditative disciplines.
Ayurveda suggest following Exercise like Swimming, running, jogging, weights, and yogic asana according to body type and also encourages to incorporate various types of yogic breathing technique.









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