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Ayurveda has a comprehensive approach for Child Care called as “Kaumarya Bhritya” It includes care of the newborn, infant feeding, clinical examination, management of childhood imbalances and therapies for children. This ancient science offers some simple, natural wisdom to keep kids healthy and happy in today’s fast paced world. Waking up hours, eating meals in harmony with nature’s rhythms, sleeping hours are the foundation of good health. Kids have an inherent ability to learn and appreciate and apply new knowledge when it is presented in way that is exciting and fun.
Allergies, Asthma, Skin disorders, Depression, ADHD are growing problems in kids.
Ayurvedic dietary and lifestyle regimen, Fun yoga postures, therapies help kids to make better choices and stay healthy!

Initial visit  (ages below 18) 60 minutes  $ 95
Follow up 30 minutes - $ 40
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Women are blessed with qualities of love, compassion, affection, and sensitivity, emotional, courageous and being in womanhood!
Many traditions celebrate the day a girl gets her monthly cycle. It is the most important aspect of woman’s life. Understanding the nature of monthly cycle and honoring it is an important aspect in maintaining health.
Ayurveda under “Strirog” (Gynecology and Obstetrics in modern terms) has explained certain regimen for women right from Puberty to Menopause. For Healthy menstrual cycle and recommendation of herbs for avoiding imbalances in the monthly cycle.
Hormonal production after Menopause will be optimal if your mind and body are in balance, providing just the right diet and herbs to prevent hot flashes and keep bones, skin, colon and arteries healthy.

Pregnancy is the most exciting period not only for the mother to be and her partner but also for the whole family and friends. 
“Gharbhini Paricharya” – Sanskrit term for Antenatal, natal and postnatal care as per Ayurveda.
At Beayurvedic center we provide this as adjuvant to the regular antenatal care provided by your regular OBGYN.
We help to design the body dosha specific pregnancy regimen. These practices unify the physical, emotional and spiritual sides of her thus providing a better environment for growth of the fetus.
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Age Gracefully – they Ayurvedic Way!
Whether you're concerned about weight gain, sex drive or chronic diseases, the key to healthy aging is a healthy lifestyle it's never too late to opt healthier lifestyle choices. There are no quick fixes in healthy aging. Ayurveda has recommendations for aging gracefully and taking step-by-step approach in dealing with chronic illnesses.
We offer individualized diet and life style recommendations that will favor health and reduce the aliments that can aggravate disorder. Rasayana  – science of Rejuvenation helps to establish balance between the three doshas and bodily tissues 

Rasayana therapy is one of the ideal regimens for seniors
Click here to know more on Rasayana Therapy.

Initial visit  (ages below 65 and above) 60 minutes  $ 95
Follow up 30 minutes - $ 40









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