Ayurveda to me is knowing, understanding, self and others. A blessing for a joyous life!

Ayurveda Kitchen

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Ayurveda for..


Spa Day

What I learned as a child

Pray before you Eat
Pay attention while Eating
Don’t talk or watch TV while eating
Drink less water while Eating

What I learned after Marriage

Cook daily with love and patience
Take time to set up pantry
Spend less on Vitamin supplements and more on Veggies
Honor the season when serving food

What I learned as an Ayurvedic Physician

Teach to cook simple recipes that are less time consuming
To integrate Ayurvedic cooking in all cuisines
Ayurvedic Principle of AGNI is one must know all about
Agni (appetite) is good – health is good

Interview on Ayurvedic Nutrition

On going Ayurvedic cooking classes – call for details
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Mindful eating and cooking workshop on Ayurvedic Nutrition is the first step towards learning – how to cook Ayurvedic way!














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