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Beena Vesikar - Ayurvedic Physician
M.D. Ayurveda- Kayachikitsa
(Ayurvedvachaspati) - India

B.A.M&S (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery- Ayurvedacharya) - India 
CMT (certified Massage therapist)
Certified Clinical Nutritionist

NCBTMB Provider

Beena has been passionate about Ayurveda. She completed her Bachelors degree in Ayurvedic medicine and surgery (Ayurvedacharya) and Masters degree in Ayurvedic internal medicine called Kaya chikitsa (Ayurveda Vachaspati) from University of Pune India. She has been practicing and following Ayurveda since 1994.

Founded Beayurvedic wellness center in 2009 with the vision of spreading Ayurvedic science in Michigan. She helps her clients to incorporate Ayurveda step by step in their lifestyle. Her vision is to educate all in preventive science. She conducts workshops on healthy way of living and courses in Ayurveda to spread this wisdom.
Beena has a gentle approach and caring nature that helps her to connect with all.

She learned from her Gurus Dr. Vishawanath Upasani and Dr. Dinakar Kelkar from India
Parents and mom-in-law made a major contribution in perusing her path in Ayurveda

Surrounded with her loving and supporting husband and two kids, she loves Yoga, Music, Reading and cooking that makes her life circle complete.

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Beena Vesikar

Founder of Beayurvedic wellness center
Ayurvedāchrāya, Ayurveda Vāchaspati

Call- 248-631-7271

Center location:
Beayurvedic wellness center
@ Ginger’s Mind Body Spirit Center
23023 Orchard lake road, Bld G
Farmington, MI 48336

Phone - 248-631-7271



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